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Quantum Biofeedback




What is it?… and how does it work?


scio_picQuantum Biofeedback is a new technology that assists health practitioners in finding energetic imbalances in humans (or animals). Based on Quantum Physics this technology reveals what are the “stressors” affecting your physical health as well as any mental or emotional imbalance by calculating the biological reactivity and resonance in your body. The data offers an understanding of your possible needs, dysfunction and vulnerabilities. The information focuses on your energetic body which offers a more complete view of each facet of your health. Everyone is very unique and the SCIO will often reveal some hidden pieces of the “puzzle” so we can see more of the “whole picture”. Along with our other testing methods this has proven to be an invaluable tool. The SCIO device can be also used as a therapeutic system by energetically helping to clear blockages and rebalance the body through its different therapeutic modes. It’s very safe and can be used for adults, children and even animals. The only contraindications are for people who have a pacemaker or for people who suffer from epilepsy.




How do I get tested?


bio-1We use a system called SCIO-INDIGO; SCIO stands for “Scientific Consciousness Interface Operative System”. While sitting comfortably some harnesses are attached to your forehead, wrists and ankles from the Biofeedback device (blue box) which is linked to a laptop loaded with one of the most advanced Biofeedback software programs in the world. It is testing you through a process called electro-physiological reactivity; sending a micro impulse into your body and then assessing the resulting feedback signal.


The main “virus scan” will send and test for more than 9000 possible stressors which will come back as “red flags” in the main matrix (main information module).


bio-2The resulting information can then be analyzed through over 50 different panels loaded with graphs, pictures and data detailing and showing all the area of stress and how they affect your body, mind and spirit.


The session is interactive with the practitioner and you will get a two page worksheet report that will highlight the information and data provided. An initial in-depth testing session with some recommended therapies takes about two hours. We offer a one hour basic testing (with no therapy) as a package with our other testing methods. Further recommended therapy can be discussed and arranged with the practitioner after the first session. There is also a subspace (or long distance) testing and therapy mode for people who are unable or too far to come in person.






While we cannot technically (and for legal reasons) diagnose you for any sicknesses or diseases, we can provide information as to what and on how the “stressors” are manifesting and possibly affecting your body in a multitude of ways pointing to all of these different areas:

  • Allergies
  • immune system weakness
  • Parasites, fungus, bacteria, virus, prions, biowarfare
  • Brain, EEG, brain wave imbalance, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar,
  • Nutritional deficiency, poor digestion, malabsorption
  • Toxicity level from environment, chemical, EMF, radiation
  • Mental and emotional stressors, anxiety, depression
  • Deep rooted trauma
  • Adrenal stress-organ system dysfunction, chromosomes
  • Blood sugar imbalance, enzymatic dysfunction
  • Spiritual energy, aura, chakras
  • Acupuncture points; subtle energy system, geopathic stress
  • Chromosomes, dental, bone, ligaments, spine
  • and many more




In the therapeutic mode the EPFX-SCIO can send signals back to energetically unblock, release or rebalance the body systems and assist in the healing process along with other therapies and/or lifestyle changes if needed. An important part of the healing process is also to bring to your awareness all the factors creating stress and disease states in your own body so you can work on the necessary changes and adjustment. It is very safe as the system is set with a special biofeedback loop that continually monitors you every second. An initial in-depth testing session combined with the few recommended therapies is a two hour procedure. The one hour basic testing is only offered as a package with our other testing methods.




  • Autofocus therapies – Acupuncture – Degeneration – Injury – Pain – Metabolic repair
  • Muscle building – Chronic fatigue – Anti-inflammation – Sports – Beauty – TMJ
  • Spiritual healing – Chakras – Rife – Allergens – Brain wave – TMJ – Intellect
  • Stem blood sugar – Parasites – Relaxation and sleep – Hormonal – Neurological
  • Emotional growth – Flexibility – Coordination – NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Cranio sacral – Unconscious Reactivity – Detoxification – Oxygenation
  • Bach flower remedies – Flower essence – Nutritional balance
  • and many others


It is best to discuss your specific needs with the practitioner and we will explain how we can help.


To make an appointment call: 604-560-5119