Qwest 4 Health | Microscope For Sale
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Microscope For Sale

Darkfield Microscope for Sale: NEW

Brand new Ultra Darkfield Mejii Microscope with 150 watts illumination, 50X Olympus oil objective for Live Blood and 2.5X, 10X for Dry Blood Analysis.

Includes Digital camera Infiniti Lite with high definition.

System can be hooked through any laptop or computer.

Cost is $6950 CAD plus taxes + shipping.

Used Darkfield Microscope for sale:

High quality German made microscope, Zeiss, for Darkfield microscopy Live and Dry Blood Analysis. 100watts power illumination (Jenelux) , 4X, 10X for bright field and 100X oil with iris for darkfield live blood.

Bonus high quality Panasonic HD camera with attachment on the microscope. Just attach to a monitor or HD TV.

Another bonus : nice aluminum carrying case for the microscope.

17 inch smart TV.

Complete system for $7500. including taxes but not shipping.

Ships to Canada, USA or other countries.