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Long Distance Testing


Or long distance testing and therapies


The Biofeedback (SCIO) device has a built-in operation mode for subspace long distance testing which means that the person doesn’t always have to be physically there to be tested or even treated even though it is preferable. All beings are interconnected through a SPECIAL FIELD (see next paragraph). The SCIO device, through its sophisticated and revolutionary design and software components, can access that field. All we would require is personal information such as name, date and location of birth and a sample of their DNA in which case a small hair sample is convenient. The SCIO system then have your personal “energy signature” or DNA “frequency number” and can have access to you anywhere on the planet…this not without your consent of course.


subspace-2Quantum physic research and studies have shown that there is a “morphogenic” or “information” field that operates beyond space, time and the physical realms. That field has been known for thousands of years by great philosophers, sages and deeply spiritual people. It is actually where all the past, present and even future events are imprinted and from there the actual “matrix” of our physical reality is being formed through our own consciousness and the consciousness of all those around us.


subspace-3It is constantly changing and evolving and this “New Science” or concept is actually in the process of creating a completely new understanding of how we interact with life and the universe. This is the great “united field theory” that would shed light on so many unexplainable phenomenon such as psychic abilities, miracles, why prayer works and countless others. Our brain was actually fashioned in the image of the cosmos.


If you’re interested in learning more about it, I would suggest you do some personal research.  The internet has dozens of website’s that talk about this subject. You can go on our Blog (under construction) where we are going to post some articles. There have also been many books written on this topic; two or three that have been particularly helpful and significant in our line of work are:

By Bruce Lipton

The New Science of Information as Medicine
By Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey

By Lynn McTaggart

If these concepts or ideas are totally beyond your belief system or you don’t feel comfortable with this new way of thinking then maybe subspace biofeedback is not for you. On the other hand, you don’t have to understand everything or even some of it in order for it to work; just like electricity or the use of your cell phone.




What you need to do:

Send your full name and mailing address, date of birth, place of birth including town and country; a small clip of hair in a small plastic bag; a money order (US or Canadian) or bank draft for $125 CAD (equivalent US or other currency) made payable to J.P.Blackburn. If you want to pay through PAYPAL, ask us for a Paypal email invoice that we will email to you. Mail everything to:
J.P. Blackburn
15592 112A Ave
Surrey, BC
Canada V3R 0K5


* Disclaimer:

John and Diane Blackburn are not MDs and do not offer to diagnose, treat or operate for any human disease, injury or disability. Our services are geared to assist you in your personal healing journey and all information, reports or communication are strictly for your personal inspiration/education concerning weaknesses, imbalances and stress factors possibly causing disease states. We cannot offer guarantee for the accuracy of our information or the result of recommendations or natural therapies involved. We encourage our clients to seek medical advice or tests for any of their particular conditions.


WHAT YOU GET: We will send you within a week or two (or less depending on our workload or if it is urgent) a comprehensive multi-page report that will explain and show in detail information and data regarding your health and overall wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally; almost the same as if you were there in person. Some of our clients have been surprised and even astounded at how much the report can show.




It can be sent to you through email, fax or regular mail. Please specify.


If you have any questions, email us at qwest4health@shaw.ca, or call us at 604-560-5119, and ask to talk to John.