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Blood Energetics



analysis_2_1839990568THE BLOOD CODE

The Consciousness of the Blood


As we tell every one of our clients while viewing their living blood corpuscles (and all the other elements that are carried via the plasma of the blood) under the objective of our dark field microscope: “Your red blood cells, all 35 trillion of them, are very important.  They carry oxygen and nutrition to every cell of your body and on their return journey back to the heart will also carry out the cellular garbage. On average a red blood cell lives for 120 days. In a normal adult 20 million red blood cells are destroyed every minute. New red blood cells are continually formed to replace them.


Bruce Lipton, in his ground-breaking book ‘The Biology of Belief’, observed that every one of our trillions of cells is an individualized complete living organism.  Like any human being, each cell is an intelligent being that can survive on its own, is capable of learning and creating cellular memories which it passes to its offspring.


Cells live in sophisticated communities and perform specialized tasks: the red blood cell colonies, for example, will deliver everything the other cellular communities need to sustain life. As for the very specialized white blood cells, their task is to identify intruders such as microbes, viruses and bacteria, to engulf and finally devour them.


But the blood is much more than this oversimplified mechanical overview. There is a hidden, almost mystical, aspect to the blood. Since the dawn of recorded history there is a rich occult tradition concerning this mysterious ubiquitous element. Blood rituals have been the cornerstone of many ancient religions from every continent. We have only to consider the essential teachings of Christianity concerning the mysterious virtues of the Blood of Christ.


The blood, according to Len Horowitz, is a contract between the Creator and the individual. It is through the medium of this ‘River of Life’ that the Divine Essence is readily available. The blood circulating through the smallest capillaries is the most perfect vehicle to deliver energetic empowerment to the soul.


“For the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it (the life) to you on the altar to make atonement (at-one-ment) for your soul. For it is the blood that makes atonement.” ( Leviticus 17:11)


When viewed under the microscope the blood secretly flowing in the veins sustaining the whole body offers a very privileged view not only of the nutritional needs of the person’s body, but just as importantly it offer a glimpse into the state of mind of the ego the ‘I’ of that person. This ‘I’ through the medium of the energy of the blood resonates in sympathetic vibration with the innermost soul itself.


Rudolph Steiner in “The Occult Meaning of the Blood” states: ” ‘I’ is the name which only the soul itself can apply to itself.”  It is in the blood that the real fight, the struggle between good and evil must be waged. In the opera Faust, Mephistopheles requires that Faust sign the fateful contract with his own precious blood because, as he states, “Blood is a very special fluid.”  (Faust at 1 scene 4)


By signing away his soul with his own sacred blood and it’s innate and Divine original potential for life, Faust unconsciously creates a tear, a break with the Divine nourishing spiritual energy and succumbs to the evil disharmony introduced in his soul via the blood now tainted by evil intention all in accordance with Faust’s own belief system.


“When our soul hurts our pain is transmitted into the body as the quality of the life force that we feed into the cells.” – Gregg Braden, “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”.


By viewing under the microscope the person’s living blood, her/his red blood cells, white blood cells (the defenders), the platelets and a variety of blood elements, we are informed on the consciousness of the blood.


Simply put: the blood shows the relation of the individual with his/her unconscious.  It shows the health or disease state of an individual according to what the unconscious is pushing to the surface.




We have seen that our very special fluid is quantic in nature. It knows of and responds to all our needs, strengths and weaknesses. The blood is filled with patterns and geometric designs that reorganize themselves according to our state of consciousness. It carries all our thoughts, emotions and memories and informs every cell of the body. Blood carries decoded DNA which knows what nutrient needs to be sent where. Moment by moment every new desire, feeling or intention reprograms the blood and consequently all parts of the body that it touches.


The comments that I offer on the blood study are thoughtful reflections based on the observation of clues that a client’s personality or subconscious mind often reveals.  I don’t claim that they are solid truth. However, it is a fact that in the course of a consultation, I have occasionally witnessed a ‘Quantum Spark’, to borrow my partner’s term, in the blood under the microscope when I draw the attention of the client to a possible correlation between the blood picture and the more hidden condition that might be involved in his illness.

Excerpts from Live Blood Analysis Level 3 course

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  • The blood shows the relation of the individual with his consciousness.
  • It shows the health or diseased state of a person according to what the unconscious is pushing to the surface.
  • The blood, just like life itself, is in constant motion.
  • The dynamic forces are always moving and these forces must be organized.
  • These forces answer to the law of harmony and coherance if we are to remain healthy.
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The Mind and the Blood

Very often I observe in the blood of a client a heavy bacterial load comprised of chondril, ascit and synascit.

The presence of these higher forms of bacteria is very ominous and suggests in the conventional approach a progression towards degeneration.

The problem is that sometime those forms are present in the blood of people who are quasireligious about their diet.

Obviously I had to explore the possibility that the problem might originate a the mental level.

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More on Rouleau

  • Worry indicates extreme or prolonged attachment to a problem.
  • The person is involved in beta brain way activity in the cerebral cortex.
  • The level of excessive thinking requires excessive blood flow to the brain.
  • The blood delivers large amounts of fuel (oxygen-glucose) to the brain.
  • This results in poor circulation to the extrmities.